Create your long URL link short !

Create your long URL link short

How you create your long link short. It is possible and very easy. Some time you need to share your link in your social media site like Facebook, Twitter etc. It is not possible to memorize long link. If you want you can short your long link. 

For example  this link you have to share with your friends. But you can memorize this link to make it short. For this go to .This website made by Google.Sign in by your gmail account. Your created short link will be stored in your account. Now copy and paste your long URL to: PASTE your long url here: box. Now click Shorten URL: button. After some moment your long link will be shorten like this new url address . Press Ctrl+C to copy your short url and share it with your friends or others.Thats the way to make your long URL short. 

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