One Computer Two Monitor!

One Computer Two Monitor!
When you execute more work at a time you need more monitor space. But you have only one monitor.You can not increase your monitor length.But You can add one extra monitor to increase your monitor space. But it is little bit difference in desktop and laptop.

Desktop: Every graphics card support more than one monitor.To ensure check the back of CPU that how many video ports are available.

laptop:Every laptop has a VGA port, HDMI port or display port available.You have to connect  other monitor to this port.

Settings:  You have to tell windows that how the monitor will be working. In desktop screen right click and select Screen resolution. When new window appears click Detect so that new monitor will be added.Now from multiple display menu select Extend these displays option. Notice that which monitor appears in right and which will be left you can select by dragging right or left monitor  icon display in the screen. And which monitor you want task bar and start button click any monitor displayed and make it Make this my main monitor option.If this monitor is hazy than it is the main monitor. Now any file or window opened in the screen, you can drag by mouse to move left or right monitor and than the file or window will be moved to other monitor. Try yourself. Thanks.

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