Article Writing Jobs in Bangladesh-Any one Can Do It


As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, article writing jobs in Bangladesh were available in various industries, including online media, content marketing agencies, and freelance platforms. However, please note that the job market is dynamic, and the availability of specific jobs can change over time. I can provide you with a general idea of where to look for article writing jobs in Bangladesh:


Article Writing Jobs in Bangladesh

1. Online Job Portals

 Websites like,, and often have listings for content writing and article writing positions. You can search for relevant keywords such as "article writer," "content writer," or "copywriter" on these portals.


2. Freelance Platforms

 Platforms like Upwork (, Freelancer (, and Fiverr ( offer freelance writing opportunities, including article writing. You can create a profile, showcase your writing skills, and apply for relevant projects on these platforms.


3. Content Marketing Agencies

 Content marketing agencies often hire article writers to create engaging content for their clients. You can search for such agencies in Bangladesh, check their websites or LinkedIn profiles, and reach out to inquire about potential writing opportunities.


4. Online Media Companies

 Numerous online media outlets and news websites require article writers to produce news, features, and opinion pieces. Keep an eye on job sections of popular news websites in Bangladesh and check if they have any openings for article writers.


5. Networking and Personal Connections

 Networking plays a significant role in finding job opportunities. Connect with other writers, industry professionals, or content creators in Bangladesh who may be aware of writing job openings. Attend relevant seminars, workshops, or writing events to expand your network and explore potential leads.


Remember to tailor your resume, portfolio, or writing samples according to the job requirements and showcase your expertise in the field. Good luck with your search for article writing jobs in Bangladesh!

Online Job Portals

Here are some popular online job portals in Bangladesh where you can search for article writing jobs:


1. is one of the leading job portals in Bangladesh, offering a wide range of job opportunities across various industries. You can visit their website and use the search function to look for article writing or content writing positions.



 Prothom Alo Jobs is the job portal affiliated with the popular Bangladeshi newspaper Prothom Alo. It provides a platform for job seekers to find relevant job openings, including writing positions.


3. is a collaboration between and AMCAT, an employability assessment platform. It offers job listings and assessments for job seekers in Bangladesh. You can explore their writing-related job listings and apply accordingly.


4. is another prominent job portal in Bangladesh that features a range of job opportunities. You can use their search function to find writing or content-related jobs in different sectors.



 Everjobs is an international job portal that also operates in Bangladesh. They provide job listings across various industries and often have writing or content-related positions available.


When using these online job portals, make sure to create a detailed profile, upload your resume, and use relevant keywords when searching for writing jobs. Regularly check for new job postings and apply to positions that match your skills and interests.

Freelance Platforms

There are several popular freelance platforms where you can find article writing jobs in Bangladesh. These platforms connect freelancers with clients looking for writing services. Here are some of the well-known freelance platforms:


1. Upwork (

 Upwork is one of the largest freelance marketplaces globally, offering a wide range of job opportunities, including article writing. You can create a profile, showcase your writing skills, and bid on relevant projects posted by clients. Upwork allows you to build a reputation through client reviews and ratings.


2. Freelancer (

 Freelancer is another popular freelance platform that provides various job opportunities, including writing projects. You can create a profile, browse available writing jobs, and submit proposals to clients. Freelancer also allows you to participate in contests related to writing and win prizes.


3. Fiverr (

Fiverr is a freelance platform where freelancers can offer their services in various categories, including writing. You can create a "gig" describing the writing services you provide, set your prices, and wait for clients to place orders. Fiverr also allows you to showcase your portfolio and receive reviews from clients.


4. Guru (

 Guru is a platform that connects freelancers with clients seeking writing services. You can create a profile, list your writing skills, and apply for relevant job postings. Guru offers different membership plans that provide additional features to freelancers.


5. PeoplePerHour (

 PeoplePerHour is a freelance platform where you can find writing projects. You can create an online profile, set your hourly rate, and search for writing jobs. Clients can also directly contact you for their projects.


When using freelance platforms, it's important to build a strong profile, highlight your writing skills, and provide samples of your work. Additionally, read the job requirements carefully, communicate effectively with clients, and deliver high-quality work to establish a good reputation and attract more clients.

Content Marketing Agencies

There are several content marketing agencies in Bangladesh that often hire article writers. These agencies specialize in creating and distributing valuable content to attract and engage target audiences. Here are a few content marketing agencies in Bangladesh:


1. Webable (

 Webable is a leading content marketing agency in Bangladesh. They offer various digital marketing services, including content creation, social media management, and SEO. They frequently hire writers to produce articles, blog posts, and other forms of content.


2. GEEKY Social (

 GEEKY Social is a digital marketing agency that focuses on social media marketing and content creation. They work with clients in various industries and often require skilled writers to create engaging and shareable content.


3. Analyzen (

 Analyzen is a full-service digital marketing agency in Bangladesh. They provide a range of marketing solutions, including content marketing. They often hire content writers to produce high-quality articles, blog posts, and website copy for their clients.



GEEKY LEMON is a creative agency that offers content marketing services. They help businesses develop content strategies and produce compelling content across various platforms. They may have openings for article writers and content creators.


5. Grey Matter (

Grey Matter is a digital marketing agency that specializes in content marketing, SEO, and branding. They often require skilled writers to create informative and engaging articles for their clients' websites and blogs.


To explore job opportunities in content marketing agencies, you can visit their websites, check their careers or job sections, and look for any openings for article writers or content creators. You may need to submit your resume, writing samples, and possibly complete a writing test or interview to showcase your skills and qualifications. Networking within the industry and reaching out directly to these agencies can also be beneficial in discovering potential job opportunities.

Online Media Companies

There are several online media companies in Bangladesh that hire article writers to produce news articles, features, opinion pieces, and other content. These companies focus on delivering news and information to their online audiences. Here are some well-known online media companies in Bangladesh:


1. Prothom Alo (

 Prothom Alo is one of the leading daily newspapers in Bangladesh with a strong online presence. They cover a wide range of topics and often hire writers to create news articles and feature pieces.


2. The Daily Star (

 The Daily Star is another prominent English-language newspaper in Bangladesh that has an online platform. They often have openings for article writers and journalists to cover various news categories.


3. Bangla Tribune (

 Bangla Tribune is a popular online news portal that provides news and features in the Bengali language. They regularly hire writers to produce news articles, opinion pieces, and other content.


4. BDNews24 (

 BDNews24 is a widely visited online news portal in Bangladesh that covers a broad range of topics, including news, sports, entertainment, and lifestyle. They frequently hire writers to contribute to their content production.


5. Dhaka Tribune (

 Dhaka Tribune is an English-language online news portal that covers news, politics, business, and other areas of interest. They occasionally have openings for article writers and content contributors.


To find article writing jobs in online media companies, you can visit their respective websites and look for career or job sections where they may list available positions. You can also reach out to the editorial departments or contact them directly to inquire about writing opportunities. Networking with professionals in the industry or participating in relevant journalism events and workshops can also help you discover potential job openings in online media companies.

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